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Thursday, January 10, 2019

My client bought a used car from a local dealership.  She was divorced and had very little credit, but she needed a car for her new job.  She went to a local used car dealer and found a decent car to drive.  Because of her limited credit, the lender insisted on placing an interlock on the vehicle.  An interlock allows the lender to disable the vehicle if the purchaser fails to timely make payments.

My client made her payments on time, but the interlock was defective and she never knew when the vehicle would start or not.  After several occasions when the car would not start, she took it to the dealership of the manufacturer.  That dealer disconnected the interlock and the vehicle operated normally.

My client notified the lender that the vehicle had operating issues caused by the interlock system.  Rather than fix the interlock system the lender informed her that she would have to pay thousands for a new interlock system or to repair the present one.  She didn’t have the funds, even though there was a promise to refund such money, if the cause turned out to be solely the interlock system.

Because she could not depend on the car to get her to work on time, she parked the vehicle, and purchased yet another used car.  Now she was paying for 2 cars but driving only one.

When she came to me I told her to quit paying for the defective car.  She had less than one year left to pay on such vehicle and owed about $1,200.00 dollars.  After a while the lender brought a law suit against her for payment of the balance.

This Attorney represented her and filed a counter complaint against the lender for the years of loss of use of the vehicle due to the faulty interlock system.  The lender failed to respond to the counter complaint and a judgment was entered against the lender for more than $10,000.00.

The lender paid the judgment and my client was ecstatic.  Not every case ends like this one but hiring a competent and aggressive attorney sometimes pays off.

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